About the Artist… 

Erika Johnson was born in Gulfport, Mississippi and is a lifelong resident of the Gulf Coast. Her love for art was evident from childhood. She carried that passion for art into a fifteen year career as a nail technician. In addition to cultivating a large and loyal list of clientele she also achieved the status of “Creative Master Nail Technician” the highest level title bestowed by the Creative Nail Corporation. Her artistic abilities as a nail technician were validated when she placed third in the world in the Creative , Global Nail Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada after having painted the entire body of the nail model in addition to her nails!  

 The art that Erika produces today very well could have never come to fruition. Erika spent years trying to bury a dysfunctional and abusive childhood that led to an even more destructive adulthood in work, substance abuse and anything else that seemed to “paint “over the pain. Finally, exhausted and unfulfilled with what she saw when she looked at the mess she had made of the canvas that was her life, she surrendered control to the Creator himself. 

 Today, Erika’s at home studio is a mix of mess, mad scientist and some strange sort of “organized” only her artistic mind can sort out. The canvas of her life however is more beautiful than she ever imagined it could be since she decided to let the one that created her take artistic control. It’s not a finished canvas and there are days when she takes her brush to it and makes a royal mess, thankfully though she now knows there is not anything the Master cannot make beautiful again. So, until that time when her canvas is completely finished and glazed you can find her in her studio, a bandana on her head and paint in at least fifteen places it ought not be, creating a masterpiece of her own, surrounded by her husband, and two year old son, reproducing the story of her life on canvas… something becomes beautiful, valuable, and extraordinary in the hand of the creator. 

Where to find Erika Johnson Creations :                                  

Erika is a member of the Ocean Springs Art Association, The Singing River Art Association, and was awarded the Exceptional Expressionism Award by the Ocean Springs Art Association. 

 She regularly holds art workshops at The Homes of Grace for Women a Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation center and she is regularly commissioned for custom works of art by local interior designers, and individual clients.